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We support PECS and have found that people who have been prevented from early career success benefit from additional pre training to develop their confidence and ability  before they engage in our mainstream career development programmes. Equally they need more follow up for longer afterwards to make sure they have the best chance to progress their career plans.

The 2013 princes trust well being survey for young people showed 49% NEETs had no one to support them effectively to be there to help them talk through their problems.

In effect, our Foundation creates a 'wrapper' like a thick warm coat around our core programme to try and mitigate the effects of being prevented from early career success. We give them ongoing career coaching support that help create the optimum possibility for their future career success.

Talentiino Foundation

Jason’s story

Jason was referred to us as a young person with a troubled background including a period of being homeless. Attending our course was his last chance to remain united with his family. He gained in confidence and created his own personal Career Development Plan presenting it to the group at the end. The feedback he gave us after the workshop was (in his words) ‘I enjoyed every last crumb of it and it kept me out of trouble.’ His family agreed.


Jason succeeds with Talentiino Foundation


Jason has now gone back to college. We continued to coach him, organized an interview for him, bought him some clothes for his interview and took him to it. He has started a 10-week work experience programme with Waitrose which is where he wanted to work and they are very pleased with his progress and his family have no longer given up on him. We meet with him every two weeks so he has the best chance of future career success.

Projects we have worked on include working with young carers, vulnerable young people referred by Children’s Services, Young Offenders and we have extensive feedback available on the work we have done. We have recognised the need to provide extended services and our Foundation is focused on providing pre and post programme services to enable PECS to have the best chance of success.

Please email jack@talentinocareers.co.uk for more information for details if you can offer donations, grants or support our bids.

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