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It has been a privilege and a pleasure to have a trusting and creative partnership with Talentino, which we have developed over the years. Jenny and the Talentino team share the same vision and commitment as we do at Brookfields School – to make meaningful and lasting change to the lives of disadvantaged young people and their families. The drive, enthusiasm and commitment of Jenny and her team has enabled us to jointly influence and change local and national provision in the field of Careers Education for young people with Learning Difficulties and additional needs which has led to meaningful and lasting change for our young people. The work of Talentino has touched and has such a positive impact on the lives of many young people, their families and those supporting them. I look forward to continue to work in  partnership with Jenny and her team as we continue to change and influence the status quo.

Brandon Mills, Headmaster, Brookefields School

See How Brookfields Special School Creates Employer Engagement


The first founder school we worked with was Brookfields who commissioned Talentino to help them create a programme which would improve the possibility and probability of work for the most able (SLD and MLD) students. At the beginning, a handful of students would go out on work experience. Four years later, all MLD and SLD students in KS4 and post 16 enjoy regular and meaningful work experience which impacts positively on their career aspirations. The school has created a vast network of local employers who regularly offer work experience. Brookfields have now implemented a successful careers programme which is higher than the national average, with many students now gaining part-time jobs whilst still at school, supported internships and employment.

Talentino works with young people with all types of additional needs including:

Young people with learning difficulties

Looked After Children

Those with social, emotional and mental health challenges (SEMH) (PRU)

Young Carers

Those are at risk of becoming NEET

Young people with SEND in mainstream schools



  • We enhance valuable skills that are relevant to the direction and careers progression of each student.
  • Talentino help to raise the confidence and aspirations of young people so that they can tackle their anxieties and fulfil their potential.
  • We appreciate and value that the learning style of a young person with a learning difficulty will require a different career development programme provision.
  • Talentino recognise the valuable difference young people with learning difficulties can make to employers’ businesses.
  • All the resources and guidance we deliver to our Special Schools does not need to be adapted, it is specifically created with our young people with SEND in mind.
  • We understand the difficulties that young people with SEND face when developing their career pathways and seek to minimise these barriers.

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