Career Development for Special Schools

Our Career Development Programme

We want to improve the personal, social, educational and economic outcomes for young people with learning difficulties. This means:

  • nurturing aspirations and expanding horizons of pupils
  • building self-esteem and skills
  • getting young people employment-confident and employment-ready

So we built our programme to embed knowledge into your school and train your staff to deliver as Early Career Coaches. Along with a set of resources that we built with a three times Ofsted Oustanding Special School, your staff will be able to deliver in three areas:

  1. Classroom-based Career Coaching Sessions
  2. Working Experience
  3. Enterprise

All this helps young people with learning difficulties to increase the possibility and probability of getting paid employment after they leave education.

"Employers want to hire young people but need them to have the skills for work. This programme will help young people develop the skills we need"

Nick Robeson, CEO Hemming Robeson

The SEN Whole school programme can be implemented in KS4 and post 16 for MLD and SLD students. Some schools include those with the most complex needs too. The programme includes all the resources and training to deliver career coaching lessons based in the classroom, all aspects of work experience including finding placements, creation of collaboration projects with mainstream schools, development of in school micro enterprise businesses and creation of personal career development portfolios.

Everything is geared towards helping a prospective employer to say yes!

100% of staff being trained to deliver the careers programme identified they agreed/strongly agreed with the statement “The training I received will enable the school to deliver a better careers programme to pupils”

Charlton Pupil opening gift

Pupil at Charlton Park Academy

Out of over 200 teachers from 14 schools, 94% said that they deliver a better careers programme with the help of Talentino!, and 87% said that they are now exceeding Ofsted expectations

Matrix Accreditation Body