FOR SCHOOLS: Talentino careers education programme

Early Career Coaching tailored to your school

Your new statutory responsibilities are a BRILLIANT opportunity to create and build a unique approach to Careers Education with a new and innovative programme.  Delivered in your school, Talentino offer a fresh and original opportunity, providing a complete solution for Teachers, Pupils, Parents and Employers that they can all feel really good about.

School pupils

Further information available for Parents, as well as responding to Young People's concerns



As a Career Development Leader You Will:

  • Exceed Ofsted expectations by:
    • Exploring more career possibilities
    • Offering more face to face support
    • Giving equal status to non-university career options
    • Involving employers & businesses
  • Have a sustainable & cost-effective Career Development programme using your own staff/volunteers trained to a proficient sufficient level with free updates on resources for 3 years
  • get a tailor-made programme which will reach ALL of your pupils
  • be using a highly effective model backed by the Matrix Quality Award
  • See the benefit of having a research-based programme designed by senior business professionals
  • Meet the needs of all stakeholders – Schools, Young People, Parents & Employers.

 As a Young Person You Will:

  • Discover what your “Core Interests” or passions are, and apply them as a frame of reference for your career decisions
  • Explore the widest range of options, with equal status given to non-university career paths using research-based tools created by senior businesspeople
  • Define your career goals and create ongoing personal development career plans whilst at school and beyond
  • Identify activities which will enable you to compete for your career and learn the skills needed for the World of Work
  • Leave school with a Personal Development Career Plan

"I know the Talentino team have also been working with other schools locally and am pleased they have teamed up with Brookfields School to offer an innovative careers advice service to pupils"

Alok Sharma, MP

There were lots of good ways it boosted my knowledge as well as my confidence. It was something I desperately needed in terms of having some direction as to what I wanted to do. I wouldn't have been able to get this from most other careers advisors based on what I have learnt from them in the past - nothing!

Ollie, student aged 18

Matrix Accreditation Body