For parents:

Helping your child achieve their potential

We are parents too and understand the pressure you and your children are under to make decisions about school, University and work. Our CRB/DBS checked early career coaches help your child make informed career choices they can feel really confident and happy about - so you can be too!

Young people in a group

The MyNextSteps.me™ Programme benefits your child:

  • Your child is engaged with their future career plans because they understand their core interests and motivations and can make choices that connect with them
  • They feel under less pressure when making decisions because they understand more about their options and have considered lots of information in a fun way
  • They are trained in the skills employers want from young people in their first job
  • We are all CRB/DBS checked to ensure you feel secure that your child is in safe hands
  • Your child is supported by targeted personal research that helps them decide on choices they will be happy about

The MyNextSteps.me™ Programme benefits you too:

  • Recruiting you as a Parent Volunteer and developing your skills  to support teachers in your school as an Early Career Coach
  • Being confident your child is getting personal and tailored support that will help them be happy in further education and employment
  • Social Value – we provide additional support and discounts for ‘cared for’ children in your school so they can feel more secure and confident


 "Thanks for making Tom's visit a positive one. He came back almost enthusiatic about the experience which for Tom is quite unusual. Many thanks for beginning the process of helping Tom to find his niche in life. It's certainly not been something that we have been able to help him with despite all our well-meaning intentions!"

Tom's Mum

"Thank you so much for your support. It was nice for Jack to be able to talk to someone outside of the family. Jack said he got a lot out of the experience."

Jack's Mum

You can also book the MyNextSteps.me™ programme for your child independently, for example if they attend a private school.

They will benefit from:

  • Enjoying going through the MyNextSteps.me™ programme and planning their early career development
  • The opportunity to have a completely different conversation to stimulate discussion with our trained CRB/DBS checked coaches
  • Better understanding of their core interests and motivations in relation to careers and choices for higher education
  • Being able to work through large amounts of information in a fun way
  • Having support through the tailor made research we carry out on their behalf
  • A twenty page personal report created for them by our trained career coaches giving them a unique perspective reinforcing their strengths and potential directions which can be useful when creating personal statements

Talentino! is a ‘not just for profit’ company that really cares about the security and happiness of your child


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