Gatsby Benchmarks

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How CAN the Gatsby Benchmarks can help our young people with SEND?

  • The Gatsby Benchmarks provide the structure for breaking down the barriers that would usually hinder a young person’s career outcome.
  • The Gatsby Benchmarks allow us to work with a young person to understand their career goals and achieve these objectives through a positive development programme.
  • Acknowledging the Gatsby Benchmarks is important in underpinning the Department for Education guidance to schools on meeting their statutory responsibility for careers guidance.

Why the Gatsby Benchmarks are important to us?

All of our career development programmes are cohesive with the approved Gatsby Benchmarks that ensure the advice and experience given to every young person is relevant and helpful in planning their careers decision. The SEND Gatsby Toolkit outlines the standards and outcomes we hope to encompass when approaching the careers landscape for young people with SEND.


What are the Gatsby Benchmarks?

Gatsby Benchmarks

Linking the SEND Gatsby Toolkit and our Same and Different Model

Within both the SEND Gatsby Toolkit and the SameandDifferent model we have highlighted the importance of relevant careers activities and the method of delivery in supporting the career aspirations of our young people with SEND. Our resources incorporate the fundamental development of everyday life skills through employer engagement and curriculum support. What links the SEND Gatsby Toolkit and the SameandDifferent model also happens to underpin our philosophy at Talentino – optimism. A positive mindset is what drives us to champion excellent career support for young people with SEND,
we are confident in the capability and competence of young people with SEND and believe that everyone should be.

Trust and assurance

All our Talentino coaches have received extended DBS checks and are informed on all safeguarding policies. We are recipients of the Matrix Quality award for a successive 3rd time and have the Career Development Institute Careers Assured award. At Talentino, we make sure to incorporate all Government policy concerning CEIAG when delivering our early career development programmes.

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