Did you know…?

Campaign 265% of adults with learning difficulties want to work, yet only 6% have a paid job (Mencap)

There are 103,000 young people in Special Schools in England aged 13-18 (FOI request)

Of these, @10,000 young people leave Special Schools every year, looking for training schemes and paid work

40% of employment in the UK is provided by 5,000 employers, employing 250+

Campaign 2 is you (no SEND) and me (with SEND) having the same opportunity for better outcomes because each of the 5,000 employers with more than 250 staff offer just 2 training places or jobs to a Special School leaver.

Access to jobs and training schemes for Special School leavers becomes THE NEW NORMAL

How will Talentino achieve this outcome?

Talentino has secured the backing of Alok Sharma, the Minister for Employment, and has formed committed partnerships with:

  • Special Schools, including 3 times Ofsted Outstanding Brookfields
  • Academy Trusts, including Greenwood Academy Trust
  • And having conversations with many large employers to see how they can join up

Wayne Norrie, CEO of Greenwood Academies Trust:

 “I am thrilled that Greenwood Academies Trust is part of Campaign 2. The message behind the campaign is one that is close to our hearts. As a Trust with a Special School in every county in which we operate, we know how important it is to provide opportunities for our students to reach their full potential. People are a country’s greatest resource, and young people with SEND have some amazing talent to offer. This campaign aims to make sure that companies can play a much-needed role in helping Special Schools to give these young people the best possible start in life, irrespective of their needs.

“We’re excited to see how this develops and we pledge our support to Talentino throughout the entire journey.”

Talentino has created a fantastic offer for employers, which includes training and support to facilitate increased and purposeful engagement with young people in Special Schools.

Employer encounters will be amplified.

Talentino will work alongside your business to identify the jobs and training places you can offer, which match the unique talents and skills set of young people with SEND and which will enhance your business.

Campaign 2 will be launched at our annual SEND conference, sponsored this year by Capital One and taking place in Nottingham on November 7th.

Benefits for employers:

  • Increasing diversity and inclusion when hiring new employees has a proven positive effect on your business and staff (see Mencap; Beyer and Beyer 2017)
  • Your staff turnover can be reduced when Special School leavers are offered sustainable opportunities
  • Existing jobs and training can be offered to Special School leavers, minimising costs
  • Job coaches and supported employment providers can be paid for by Access to Work funding
  • The jobs and training places you offer will be tracked on a central database to inform decision making and improve outcomes
  • Your company can be proactive in improving the socio-economic strength of your customers’ communities: the right thing to do

The financial benefit to UKPLC could exceed a quarter of a billion pounds.

How can I get involved?

If you would like to know any additional information regarding Campaign 2, or how your business can get involved, please contact Jenny Connick: jenny@talentinocareers.co.uk.

Interview practise with a studentStudent giving the thumbs upGroup coaching with students

We are currently looking for a large employer to create a transformational partnership with to support young people’s early career development.

If you are interested in partnering with us contact:


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