We believe in the presumption of paid work for young people with learning difficulties’ – do you?

Dave Barker of the National Valuing Families Forum


Chart showing why work experience is critical
Chart showing number of adults with disabilities in paid employment


Talentino will work alongside your business to identify the jobs and training places you can offer, which match the unique talents and skills set of young people with SEND. Talentino wants to provide the best possible start to the career of a young person with SEND, we believe irrespective of their needs that purposeful engagement with our young people with SEND will benefit the development of your company and enhance the already amazing talent our young people have to offer. The benefits and advantages of working for everyone whether they have a learning difficulty or not are the same – an opportunity to learn new skills, use our talents and be recognised for a job well done. Together we can support young people with SEND to develop valuable work-based skills and meaningful experience that will enable them to tackle the barriers prohibiting them achieving a great future.


  • Increasing diversity and inclusion when hiring new employees has a proven positive effect on your business and staff. (see Mencap; Beyer and Beyer 2017)
  • Your staff turnover can be reduced when Special School leavers are offered sustainable opportunities.
  • Existing jobs and training can be offered to Special School leavers, minimising costs.
  • Job coaches and supported employment providers can be paid for by Access to Work funding.
  • The jobs and training places you offer will be tracked on a central database to inform decision making and improve outcomes.
  • Your company can be proactive in improving the socio-economic strength of your customers’ communities: the right thing to do.
  • Helping your company participate in the Government’s Disability confidence campaign as part of the Equality Act 2010.
  • By reaching out to our young people with SEND you will have the experience required to expand your disabled customer base allowing you to accurately represent the community.


Campaign 2 is centred around maximising the employer’s role when they interact in Special Schools, with the hopes of encouraging the offer of several jobs and training schemes such as Supported internships and Supported Apprenticeships. Ourselves and our visionary partner, The Greenwood Academy Trust, are in continuous contact with employers who are enthusiastic to help broaden the opportunities available to those transitioning from Special Schools into the world of work.