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I’ve been attached to Talentino! on a placement.  I’m not just out of college, nor am I looking to get my first foot on the jobs ladder.  I’m currently a stay at home mum, with 15 years of work behind me as a television producer.  A group called Digital Mums, based in East London, placed me with Talentino! as they thought we’d make a good match.  And…

Career Paths and Learning Curves

Since I joined the Talentino team at the start of the year, I decided to write about what I have learnt from my foray into the world of Careers Education. From various trips to the House of Commons, to seeing school programmes in action across the country, to my March-time trip to Dusseldorf to see how the Germans do it. Before I go into all of that, I thought it best to give some insight…

Support Early Career Development

This weekend has been full of family, warmth and that feeling of anticipation that the period of Advent gives us, whether it’s keeping ourselves in check and not eating all the chocolates in the calendar in one go or an Advent with a slightly more ecclesiastical meaning.

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