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Campaign 2 – is getting exciting…

Well, how much has happened since we last chatted! The National Careers Strategy has had its first birthday, Careers Leaders have been appointed, more young people are getting the early career development they have a right to.

Good Career Guidance Innovation Day - 30th June

INSPIRE Staff, EXPLORE possibilities, ENABLE schools/colleges, INVESTIGATE solutions, USE innovative techniques Find out how you can do all of this at our Good Career Guidance Innovation Day in the North East with the NE LEP, Northumbria University, and Juice Box Design!

The Big Venture Challenge Journey

My lovely social media manager asked me to write a short blog about how I felt graduating as a Big Venture Challenge 2014 Winner.

As a social entrepreneur, you are always TOTALLY occupied and time for reflection is rare.  However, this last week really took me by surprise.  For the last year, Talentino! has been part of a cohort of…

Take a Moment and Put Yourself in Your Child’s Shoes…

Many of us parents had our own ‘unique’ experience of careers advice when we were starting out.  I wonder if you remember the, for some, excruciating moment when you got asked:  What do you want to do? Why not do this? What about Sally up the road, isn’t she doing well? – when actually all you were interested in as a teenager were your friends, music, fashion and perhaps just trying to work…

Did you know, young people make their first career decisions aged 12?

New Year is a time of thinking about things differently, gaining new perspectives and an opportunity to garner a different approach.  However, in the same way as we go back to work and school, that opportunity is fleeting before all the daily minutiae sweeps us up and carries us along.


Support Early Career Development

This weekend has been full of family, warmth and that feeling of anticipation that the period of Advent gives us, whether it’s keeping ourselves in check and not eating all the chocolates in the calendar in one go or an Advent with a slightly more ecclesiastical meaning.

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