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This weekend has been full of family, warmth and that feeling of anticipation that the period of Advent gives us, whether it’s keeping ourselves in check and not eating all the chocolates in the calendar in one go or an Advent with a slightly more ecclesiastical meaning.

As parents/carers, we feel in control of the planning process for Christmas, we organise budgets, squirrel away presents, plan menus, we know what is expected and year after year we deliver it for our children.

Wouldn’t it be brilliant if we felt equally able to support our children as they grow into adulthood in their early career development?  However many of us feel unable to navigate this process, communicate with our children about what they would like to do and guess what, our children feel equally uncomfortable half the time talking to us! BBC research said recently, as parents we don’t actually make very good Career Coaches.

So let’s imagine what your might put into your child’s Christmas stocking to support them…It could have an invite to a café/restaurant where you can have a nice, relaxed conversation without the usual home pressures, it might have a little note in it from you saying how much you want them to be happy and you will support whatever their decision is, you could put a zip in that indicates you will listen and not interrupt and of course a heart to show you love them and do not judge them.

Happy Christmas!

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