Take a Moment and Put Yourself in Your Child’s Shoes…

Many of us parents had our own ‘unique’ experience of careers advice when we were starting out.  I wonder if you remember the, for some, excruciating moment when you got asked:  What do you want to do? Why not do this? What about Sally up the road, isn’t she doing well? – when actually all you were interested in as a teenager were your friends, music, fashion and perhaps just trying to work out who you were.  The job of a teenager is to rebel, push boundaries and, bearing in mind their brain has not yet developed, to be risk averse.  So this all makes sense.

The other side of the coin is that your child is facing the greatest opportunities EVER, but also the greatest pressure.  They are accessible 24/7 through social media and often they get poor quality sleep because of it.  Schools want to achieve great results so there is pressure there and for us as parents… what is the root of the pressure we put on them?  We love them like nothing else, we want success for them, perhaps if we are TOTALLY honest at times we want them to reach a higher level of success than we did.

At Talentino, we recognised that parents are one of the four key stakeholders of early career development but have very little say or engagement in the process.  We are often left to our own devices which is not always helpful.  Talentino! has been running half day workshops for parents about how to have a less stressful careers conversation with their child (or in my case, four children - all boys).

Parents tell us that, although they may have very high powered jobs with lots of responsibility, they put less planning into a careers conversation with their child than they do for a meeting at work.  It is not about the fact they don’t love them like crazy, it is about how easy it is to communicate and what is at stake.  Our workshops look at ways of minimising the pressure and creating a two way dialogue.  We ask parents to imagine they are on one side of the bedroom door with their hand on the door handle and their child is on the other side waiting for them to come in and talk about their future… take a moment to put yourself in your child’s shoes.  So create something different and better for your child when you have the next careers conversation.  You can do it as after all you have the most important ingredients - love and a passion for their future success.

For more information on our next Parents’ Workshops please check out: https://www.facebook.com/events/419830294835700/

Or email us: hello@talentinocareers.co.uk


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