About US

Talentino is the Italian word for talent – everyone has it!

We have a clear vision to change the energy, focus and accessibility of the careers world to provide all young people with the support they need to develop their early careers effectively. Our mission is to deliver face to face career development opportunities in an affordable and sustainable way that recognises the needs of all stakeholders - schools, parents/carers, employers, government, and most of all young people.

Our Background

We all have experience in coaching, learning and development and working with young people resulting in a shared enthusiasm to help young people in your school develop their early careers. Our common set of values focus on integrity, development, social value and giving value for money. These drive everything we do!

Our team is led by Jenny Connick who has extensive experience as an HR director so understands what employers want. She is supported by a diverse team of professionals including senior career coaches, youth development project managers, advisory teachers, educationalists as well as product development people.

  • Jenny and Alan Connick

    Jenny and Alan Connick

    Founder & Director

  • Helen Dutton

    Helen Dutton

    Senior HR Manager

  • Toby Connick

    Toby Connick

    Development Manager

  • Amanda Dickson

    Amanda Dickson

    Senior Careers Consultant

  • Jack Ewins

    Jack Ewins

    Talentino! Foundation

  • Brandon Mills

    Brandon Mills

    Head Teacher, Brookfields Specialist School

  • Sarah Moreno

    Sarah Moreno

    Learning & Development Coordinator

  • Louise Saunders

    Louise Saunders

    Senior Careers Consultant (SEND)

  • Penny Todd

    Penny Todd

    Senior Career Coach

  • Solly Pombo

    Solly Pombo

    Lead Enterprise Coordinator (SEND)

  • Maria Varela

    Maria Varela

    Enterprice Coordinator (SEND)

  • Caroline Lee

    Caroline Lee

    Enterprice Coordinator (SEND)

  • Sarah Rutherford

    Sarah Rutherford

    Digital Marketing

  • Sally Lightfoot

    Sally Lightfoot


  • Billie Miles / Natalie Costa

    Billie Miles / Natalie Costa

    Power Thoughts

  • Wayne Norrie

    Wayne Norrie

    CEO Greenwood Academies Trust

  • Andrew Pead

    Andrew Pead

    AWP Creatives

  • Kiki Kirby

    Kiki Kirby

    Kiki Kirby Coaching

  • Partner School

    Partner School


  • Partner School

    Partner School

    Catcote Academy and Catcote Futures


My personal mission is very clear which is to bring the knowledge, skills and passion our team has to help you deliver brilliant Careers services to your clients whether they are young people in your school
or youth group or adults going through career changes.

Please email our team who are very happy to help you with any question big or small.

Jenny Connick


Enquiries for Talentino Ltd
Jenny Connick

Enquiries for Talentino Ltd
Jenny Connick

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