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The New National Careers Strategy

Our view on the New National Careers Strategy December 2017

We were pleased to see the title of the new strategy that was eventually published on 4th December appeared to be more inclusive than previously. There is more attention being paid to the career development needs of young people with SEND but no details were given of some of the initiatives for example the Skills Panels and how they will work, how the funding announced the previous week for Supported Internship Forums will work within the new Careers Strategy. The drive to improve Careers Advice for disadvantaged people was also welcome as was the expanded role of the Careers and Enterprise Company who have driven a more consistent approach to the delivery of early career development through the adoption of the Gatsby Benchmarks as the foundation for the employer volunteer network. There are other great examples of careers work being done around young people with SEND which were potentially overlooked we feel and which could have been a catalyst for further best practise. The fundamental question of how to deliver a quality volume solution for a volume challenge i.e. the vast majority of young people in England has not been addressed. The logistics around the actual number of trained Careers Advisers and the expectation that all young people will have two interventions has also not been addressed. Counting the number of careers activities is not an indication of quality so a mechanistic link between the Gatsby Benchmarks, the Compass outputs, the requirement to identify career destinations over a longer period, the satisfaction of local economies recruiting the skills they need as well as the one Quality Mark will go some way towards that if someone joins those dots. We welcome the role of Careers Leader at a senior level, again unless there is buy in from the top things rarely happen in organisations.

We look forward to seeing the publication of the Statutory Guidance in January 2018

Jenny Connick Founder/Managing Director Talentino 4th January 2018







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