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We are Talentino!

We are driven by ONE PASSION: we want to improve Personal, Social, Educational and Economic Outcomes for ALL young people. And this includes young people with learning difficulties!


We are a team of senior business professionals who have joined forces to create an award-winning model to professionalise the conversations that you are having with young peolple. This might be from teachers, from Careers Leaders, or from Employee Mentors from the world of business!


We offer two career development programmes we have created–‘It’s in the Box! and ‘Careers at Every Level.

We are building capacity and capability in schools, special schools, virtual schools, housing associations and businesses to enable staff and volunteers to have better career conversations with young people. Combined with our award-winning resources, we are providing young people with the best opportunity to make smart career decisions that will make them happy!


  • • Our programmes are a hit with young people.
  • • We have trained around 200 Early Career Coaches with 3000 young people in scope. Our vision is to train 3000 Early Career Coaches in the next 3 years to reach 250,000 young people.
  • • First participants on the Careers at Every Level programme for young people with learning difficulties are getting close to job offers.
  • • We have won places on the Big Issue Caterpillar Cocoon, Big Venture Challenge (Unltd), Young Foundation and the Ernst and Young Social Enterprise Accelerate programme.
  • • We hold the Matrix Quality Award for Careers
  • • Our programme is accredited by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council!



You tell us...

Our Clients and Partners told Matrix that: "we are passionate and ‘devoted’ to the career development of young people, that we are inspirational and infectious and we really believe in getting the best outcomes with young people anything is possible in addition to the product being high quality, innovative and new. Customers like the fact they can adapt it for their own needs. They like our openness and engagement with critical friends and our willingness to listen to a wide range of views. We have a good network of partners and relationships to deliver the vision and extend our reach into places that would not normally be able to access career development"

Matrix Quality Assessment, January 2016

"Our partnership is transforming the way in which young people with learning difficulties and their families perceive themselves as being employable as well as employers gaining confidence, skills, knowledge and understanding about the way in which young people with learning difficulties can contribute to their businesses both economically and socially."


Brandon Mills, Deputy Head Teacher Brookfields School

Matrix Accreditation Body
  • BVC